..and FAQ's.


You need to draft an objection letter, and post well before the 16th June 2016 to:

Head of Regeneration Services,
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council,
Moorlands House,
Stockwell Street,
ST13 6HQ

or emailed to:


How long has this been in the pipeline?  Many residents have contacted us, angry in the belief that the District and Parish Council have just not communicated adequately on such an important matter.  For many residents this is 'new' news, however there was a working group set up to look at issues in and around Blythe Bridge a couple of years ago, one of the items discussed was potential land for housing, the land off Caverswall Road and other sites were mentioned during that meeting. These documents are hidden away on the SMDC website and were found by accident, anyone that wasn't IT savvy may never have found them.  We have no idea who these people were, how they got invited to the meeting or how much influence their findings actually were on situation that we find ourselves in today.


 I don't like what I'm reading, how do I oppose these plans?  We believe that there are three critical things that every resident needs to do: 

1. Speak to your neighbours, get them on side and in the loop, ask them to spread the word.

2. Contact david.davies@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk to be added to the SMDC consultation database.

3. Write to the SMDC voicing your STONG oppositions to any proposal that personally affects you, and your quality of life.  Please don't write before the consultation period starts on the 6th July 2015 or else your letters will go straight to the bin. 


On which points can I object? You will need to quote the relevant site reference number from the vague map on pages 35/ 36. 

Your objection points should start off with quantifiable objections, such as inadequate vehicular access, road width issues, limited or no footpaths, lighting, housing density, traffic, noise, inappropriate green belt development outside of the existing development boundary.  Then also include your personal upset, and how it will affect your views, property value, sanity etc.  Although these secondary points cant be used in a court, and may not carry as much weight, they are still absolutely relevant to us, so should not be excluded. 


Who can object? We need to make sure that everyone makes the effort to write, there is no reason why each adult member of a household couldn't voice their own opinion.


Has anything happened so far?  Several residents in and around Caverswall Road have advised us that surveyors had recently visited 2 of the fields, one claiming that the land has been marked for development.  Lets hope that the planning process in in fact fair, and a decision has not been already made.


What else can I do?  Please keep in touch - if you hear or see anything relevant please report it back to us, anything significant will go on the website or be emailed to all those that have registered their email address.