LATEST NEWS (May 2016)

Only one site is currently shown on the consultation map in the Blythe Bridge area - this site is next to 459 Uttoxeter Road.

The sites at Quabbs lane and Caverhay Farm, plus one new site in Draycott behind the Chandi Cottage are listed on the latest consultation document, but not shown on the map, we have been advised that this is because these sites have been DROPPED. Awaiting confirmation form the SMDC planners.


This map indicates the approximate locations of all sites originally identified within the Blythe Bridge area, back in 2015. Note that of the 7 possible sites, 3 are within 3/4 of a mile of the centre of Blythe Bridge and one is 1.4 miles away! It would seem that someone is determined to get the site located in this area, Staffordshire Moorlands comprises of 222 sq miles, so exactly why they have decided on such a concentration in and around Blythe Bridge deserves explanation.





Site 1: Calverhay Farm, west of 75 Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge

Site 2: Land at 459 Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge

Site 3: Land North of Quabbs Lane, Forsbrook


Above: Calverhay farm

Above: 459 Uttoxeter Road


Above: Quabbs Lane


Most residents were totally unaware of the traveller site plans, INCLUDING THE LAND OWNERS! However an article in the Evening Sentinel provided enough information to raise concern.  Werrington residents have already collected a 1500 signature petition, they were obviously privy to an information leak.

Quote: 'The district council document relating to the seven possible sites states: “It was realised that all councils were in the same position and that it would be better for progress to be made and for a site to be identified rather than have a site imposed; or risk a subsequent Local Plan submitted to a Government inspector being deemed ‘unsound’ because of a lack of deliverable options.” Other areas listed as potential sites include a parcel of land in Kingsley Road, near Cellarhead; Mobberley Works, Tean Road, Cheadle, a northern wooded area only; fenced off land north of Quabbs Lane, off the Forsbrook to Cheadle Road near Forsbrook; a farm building/land west of 75 Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge; land at 459 Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge, north of the bypass; and the former Cresswell Railway Station.

Click here for link to Sentinel article




Below: Close up views of the sites

Above: Calverhay (75 Uttoxeter Road)

Above: 459 Uttoxeter Road

Above: Quabbs Lane


Although the sites at Mobberley and Creswell are outside of the Forsbrook parish, and therefore outside of this campaign area, we have included aerial photographs so as to prove some information as to the positioning of these two proposed sites, due to the fact that they are in such close proximity.

Both appear to be brownfield sites.

Above: This is believed to be Mobberley site (according to the owner of Fairtest garage which is located infront of the site).

This use to be a sand loading yard and is currently 'hard standing'.


Above: Cresswell station site, if a traveller site is located here then there may be little chance of re-instating the Cheadle railway line in the future.

A rail link to Cheadle may well be invaluable as more houses are constructed in and around Cheadle, this would help alleviate the burden on the Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook roads.